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Common Name(s): Cumaru, Brazilian Teak. Scientific though it is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak as well: primarily when used as hardwood flooring. 【Get Price】

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Also known as Brazilian Teak and Brazilian Chestnut, Cumaru is a highly dense, durable and versatile hardwood. Used both as hardwood exterior decking and 【Get Price】

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Also known as: Brazilian Teak, Dipteryx Odorata, Almendrillo, Southern Chestnut. Origin: South America. Janka Hardness Rating: 3,200 lbs. Color: Rich brown 【Get Price】

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Cumaru wood, also known as Brazilian Teak or Golden Teak, is a naturally stocks standards Cumaru Decking and Supplies (Brazilian Teak) , and 【Get Price】

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Cumaru is a very hard, dense South American hardwood known for exterior decking and interior hardwood flooring, where it is typically referred to as Brazilian 【Get Price】

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ipe wood vs cumaru brazilian teak compared on durability, price, cheap or expensive, weight, grain, color, Cumaru decking and hardwood flooring compared 【Get Price】

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Brazilian Teak, known for its exceptional hardness and durability, is a great choice for outdoor decking installations. Typically users who prefer a more brown 【Get Price】

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Cumaru is one of the best hardwood decking materials in the world! Cumaru (aka Brazilian Teak, Dipteryx Odorata, Almendrillo, Tonka, and Tonquin Bean) 【Get Price】

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Exotic Wood Decking Species ?CUMARU / BRAZILIAN TEAK ADS Fine Woods Inc. supply decking from its own factory based in the state of Rondonia, 【Get Price】

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Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) Photo Gallery / Images by Brazilian Direct - offering Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring, Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Teak, and other Exotic Hardwood These photos were taken of a dock using our Teak Decking. 【Get Price】

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cumaru ( aka. brazilian teak ) hardwood decking - the advantageous tropical hardwood milled from China supplier - Yorking Hardwood. 【Get Price】

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Brazilian Teak Decking is one of the best hardwood decking materials in the world & costs less than Burmese Teak. Buy all the materials you need to design, 【Get Price】

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There are many excellent tropical decking species that all look and perform This species is only slightly softer than Ipe and is often known as Brazilian Teak. 【Get Price】

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Cumaru decking(Brazilian Teak) can take some time to dry properly due to its The sapwood of red cumaru hardwood – RealCumaru – hardwood decking 【Get Price】

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Harder than most hardwoods -- Brazilian teak -- also known as Cumaru or Brazilian teak has become the go-to flooring and decking wood of choice as more 【Get Price】

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The number One stop for Premium grade Brazilian hardwoods and lumber, perfect for long lasting outdoor decking. We also have a wide Premium Grade Hardwood Decking and Accessories . Cumaru is also known as Brazilian Teak. 【Get Price】

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Uses: Garapa is commonly used for decking, siding and outdoor furniture. Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak, is slightly less stable than Ipe but is very 【Get Price】

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Brazilian Hardwood decking is durable, maintenance free & outlasts composite decking materials. Tigerwood, Ipe, Cumaru & Garapa decking prices. 【Get Price】

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Cumaru Decking also ages gracefully and lasts a long time for the owner. Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak or Golden Teak, is a naturally durable Brazilian 【Get Price】

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Also known as Brazilian Chestnut or Brazilian Teak, Cumaru hardwood decking will gradually age to a nice silver-grey if left untreated. Or it can be oiled or 【Get Price】