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What Is The Estimated Cost For Decking Of L58ft X W38ft Building In

What is the Estimated cost for decking of 11.12m x 17.69m about 196sqm (L58ft x W38ft with 22 pillars) building in Sango-Ota area. What and Base on your choose 1.carpenter will come with rented wood.2.briclayer will set all block to final level,that is less concrete work .. There is a void in the livingroom on the top floor, but I want to close that void anyway and enlarge the bedrooms 【Get Price】

Building Cost Of 4 Flats In Anambra State - Properties - Nigeria

I would like to know the estimated cost of building 4 flats in one storey house, and any other advice with regards Foundation oncluding german floor:2.3m. Block work to decking:1.6m. decking:2.4m. Block work to roof:1.6m 【Get Price】

How Much Will A 5 Bedroom Duplex Cost? - Properties - Nigeria

I intend to build a 5 bedroom duplex on the land but want to get ideas of how much it will likely cost me. if its anything like that of teh ones of some of my friends on here on Stoney landscape where you have to dig up huge rocks . job.outside the decking and foundation, a duplex is just a normal structure. the extra cost of decking and foundation wont engages you on the premise of N21.2 OR N19 Million, we are sure to hear stories that touch when the time comes. 【Get Price】

Estimated Cost Of A Storey Building - Properties - Nigeria

I shall be coming to nigeria soon to probably build a modern 4 flat storey building. can somebody tell me how many for the following: blocks, wood, aluminium roofing sheets, labour, rods, or simply a general overview cost estimates You can contact one the building consultant companies the can help. Before the decking of the building I love the design of the building so much, the use of cement and iron rod was great, now the owner has changed the contractor. 【Get Price】

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Well it depends on the kind of foundation you will use.But let me give you a standard break down. For this 2bdrm flat storey building *1 ton of 12mm 115 per ton= 115,000 *decking= 1,700,000 This quote is based on a building project I handled in Abia state nigeria,I think the prices there are more or less than this but for the quantity of materials similar that's what you will be  【Get Price】

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Budget 2.5m with the decking. Am talking from experience To know current Price of Roofing Sheet in nigeria Call/WhatsApp 08085310359. 1 Like. Re: Estimated cost of building Ground Floor of A story building. by  【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost for DECKING 2 Bedroom Duplex

Despite increased cost of materials, OP shudnt spend up to #1m for the entire decking. You said its a 2-bedroom duplex, (is)are there no bedroom(s) on the upper floor, because you already have 2 on the you mean the whole building! Please sir could you help me with my enquiry ? /3155741/how-come-all-nigerian-houses 1. PVC windows are the Number one in energy efficiency. The frame of a window plays a decisive role in  【Get Price】

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pls help me with cost of decking my house attached here is the architectural design. it has 23pillars. Re: cost of The above link is one of my ongoing project in guzape hill a highbrow are by asokoro extension. Also if the project is to be done in phases, how can it be segmented eg foundation/german floor,block setting, decking etc and the likely cost implication of the various phases. 【Get Price】

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I need to how much to budget for a two storey building with 2 (two bedroom flat, palour, kitchen small dining, toilet build it but if its less I wouldn't advice and it will cost 18.7m for a nice and well finished building like the one  【Get Price】

Cost Of Building A 4/5 Bedroom Duplex From Fuondation Level

Hello naira landers please i will like to know d cost of building a 4/5 bedroom duplex from fuondation level any means of assistance will be very . made provision for 1500 blocks, 25 tonnes granite, 25 tonnes sand dust, 50 lengths of 12mm iron (nigeria) and 100 bags of cement. 1.Concrete Floor i.e German Floor. 2.Deck Casting. 3.Concrete Foundation. 4.Drainage Construction. 5. 【Get Price】

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I will be glad if anyone out there can please give me rough idea of how much will it cost to DECK a 3 bed rooms flat More so, getting quotes here will not be fair with the ones u already have since no one here has seen the building or has an idea of the extent of work. floor plan of the building, i can assist you by giving you a material and labour schedule for the first floor slab(decking). 【Get Price】

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OP, it would cost you 120,000 only to raise your storey building till decking I intend to build one story building, made of 4 bedrooms on both ground floor and up floor. To know current Price of Roofing Sheet in nigeria. 【Get Price】

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My builder gave me this estimate just for decking of a four (4) flat/three bedroom(3bdroom). Two (2up)/two (2down) 19 Packets of 20mm 4 way boxes for electrical pipe 2 1, 000 2, 000 20 Electrician . A Quantity Surveyor is a specialist on construction costs. Some builders are in The dimension of the floor plan will go a long way to get a detailed estimate for comparism. tobi197: Guys, 【Get Price】

Cost Of Decking A Storey Building - Properties - Nigeria

Hi guys, I want to find out the cost of decking a storey building. the ground and top floor are 3 bedroom. Iv got a carpenter quoting NGN 250,000 for constructing the wooding support alone. I think this is a bit on the high said. 【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost for DECKING 2 Bedroom Duplex

The entire floor area is just like a standard 2 bedroom flat. Unless any person who had done a decking for a standard two bedrooms before, the estimates is not easy to give without dimension Today is my birthday so all those born on this day are my twin brothers and sisters I want to know one special girl here to relate with Dear Nairalanders particularly construction professionals, please can anyone out there give a correct estimate in terms of cost and materials  【Get Price】

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foundation of a 4 flat storey building to decking level but excluding the decking.thanks for your opinion. 1 Like knowledge i have base on my own,because i am building such in foundation,german floor,two soak  【Get Price】

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I really need help from the forum, I'm about to deck a house in Ikorodu area but i'm not sure how much it's going to cost me. . conscious in using space and I have the feeling the guy that mention 1.5million didn't study the floor plan but What about some information I have been reading online about some building rods are better than the other i.e imported ones are better than the local. 【Get Price】

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There are no chronological order for the breakdown of cost of building component. chargesfew materials might be left over for deck(slab).so i say anoda 4millz with take you up to the first floor(upper floor) lintel level or  【Get Price】

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1. Sand 2. cement 3. Block (we are buying blocks) 4. Rods (if any) 5. Other Materials (if any) Labour 1. Labour cost from German floor to decking level (suggestion here will enable me negotiate with builder) Please guys, help  【Get Price】